November 22, 2022

Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for the Earth and People

To best understand the input and outcomes of the vision of Salvation Farming Solutions is at best a 3-Dimensional equation and like the advent of “Windows” for computers, SFS is a new operating solution for the living planet. First, we must understand the Top Down aspects of how things get done and undone. How will governments learn to embrace this new technology? By partnering with Global agencies with fiscal relations with the countries we serve there is already a pathway of support that can be altered to the more productive, eco-safe, nature-based, regenerative program that Salvation Farming Solutions presents.
November 16, 2022

Current and future challenges facing the food system

We currently face the collapse of many of the same systems that provide us the ability to live on Planet Earth. The water and air are polluted. Toxins have been inputted into the soil under the guise of improving production, and these very toxins have remained combined as new chemicals that have other effects while most of the inputs for the ground have leeched into water systems further toxifying the freshwater